Does Salesforce have Inventory Management?

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that manages all business’ customer information in one place. It is essential to have a complete solution for inventory management built on Salesforce to make most of the benefits such as…

Salesforce with inventory management benefits

  • Assist your sales team to know the exact inventory level in various locations and detailed sales history, so they know what to sell and who they can sell to.
  • View Open Sales Orders and Sales Invoices, even payment status of the sales invoices so they know when to follow up and how to follow up.
  • If the sales team knows the incoming inventory on open purchase orders, they would be able to pre-order with an accurate promised date?
  • It’s almost a must to have accurate inventory Quantity on Hand if you have Salesforce CPQ to create accurate quotes or Salesforce Field service before you schedule on-site work.

With Salesforce, it is very easy to hide certain fields from access depending on the role so there is no concern of over-exposing data. Unfortunately, out of the box, Salesforce only has a Product table but doesn\’t have a native Inventory Management System. This gap leads companies around the world to scramble to look for an option.

What are the potential options out there?

  1. Integration with Your ERP system – You most likely already have your own ERP system. You can install an integration app to move data between the two systems. You can also develop your own integration routine using API. These options are expensive and error-prone sending all historical transactions and opening orders from the back-end ERP system to Salesforce.
  2. 3rd Party Inventory Management App that is NOT on the Salesforce platform – There are a few 3rd party apps that you can integrate with Salesforce. Managing two systems with two different interfaces and technologies could be challenging. Data could be out of sync making periodic reconciliations time-consuming.
  3. Custom code – If you have in-house expertise in Inventory Management and Salesforce development, it\’s possible to build something simple that works for your business. This option could take time and effort, and possibly fail if requirements are complex.
  4. 3rd Party Certified Inventory Management App that is on the Salesforce platform – Alternatively, you can install the few available inventory management apps from the AppExchange. If it does not meet your needs, you can uninstall it with just a few clicks.

As a certified Salesforce app, GoldFinch ERP is built 100% on the Salesforce Platform using 30+ years of distribution and manufacturing experience. It has the most complete inventory management features.

GoldFinch Inventory management features

  • Tracks inventory by Units of Measure, Lot number, Serial number, Warehouse and Bin. You can audit each and every historical transaction with details.
  • Out-of-box Inventory Adjustments, Transfers, Pick and Count that you can execute directly on Salesforce
  • Complete Sales Order management module that tracks the whole lifecycle of the Sales Order from order, shipping to invoicing so you know the real-time order status.
  • Real-time integration with EDI, E-Commerce Platforms such as Shopify, Woo-Commerce, and Amazon Seller Central, so you can have a complete picture of all the demands of sales orders.
  • Complete Purchase Order management module tracks the lifecycle of the Purchase Orders so you know the status of the incoming inventory.
  • Accurate inventory costing to assist in pricing negotiation.
  • Native Salesforce reporting and dashboards to assist you with on-demand information requirements. Understand trends and exceptions to take action quickly.


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