Mobile Applications

Automate Your Data Capture. Anywhere.

GoldFinch ERP scanning apps allow you to capture data anywhere, any time, and from any mobile device

Experience the power of mobility in distribution and manufacturing with GoldFinch ERP’s cutting-edge mobile applications. Our mobile apps offer unmatched convenience and accessibility, empowering you to manage your business anytime, anywhere. Seamlessly track inventory, monitor production processes, and streamline order management from the palm of your hand. With real-time data synchronization, you can make informed decisions on the go, ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction. Stay connected with your team and suppliers, collaborate effortlessly, and enhance productivity with our intuitive mobile interface. Our mobile applications are designed to optimize your distribution and manufacturing processes, increase efficiency, and drive growth. Discover the freedom and flexibility of mobile ERP solutions with GoldFinch ERP. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading mobile application and revolutionize your distribution and manufacturing operations.

Key Features

  • Access all application features
  • Manage customer communications on-the-fly
  • Scan to Receive to receive purchase orders
  • Scan to Count for cycle count operation
  • Scan to Ship for picking & shipping
  • Scan to Ship for dropping off goods at customer sites
  • Scan Pickup & Drop Off to track rental equipment

Additional Benefits

  • Streamline Warehouse Operations
  • Maximize efficiency & accuracy with billing and asset tracking
  • Improve customer service
Additional Benefits
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