Sales Order Management

Automate Your Sales Order Process

GoldFinch ERP helps automate repetitive tasks to ensure that you are operating efficiently and keeping your customers happy

Discover the power of efficient sales order management for distribution and manufacturing with GoldFinch ERP. Our comprehensive solution is designed to streamline your sales processes, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost overall productivity. With advanced features like order tracking, automated order processing, and real-time inventory visibility, you can ensure seamless order fulfillment and minimize errors. Leverage our robust CRM integration to manage customer relationships, track sales activities, and drive revenue growth. Our ERP system also offers customizable pricing and discount management capabilities, allowing you to create flexible pricing strategies and improve profitability. With our intuitive dashboard and reporting tools, you gain valuable insights into sales performance, track order status, and identify sales trends. Experience the ultimate sales order management solution with GoldFinch ERP and transform your distribution and manufacturing business. Contact us today to unlock unmatched efficiency, optimize sales processes, and achieve unparalleled success in your industry.

Notable Features

Notable Features
  • Embedded Salesforce CRM functions
  • Pricing management by customer tier, volume, promos, and item category
  • Multiple channel orders from EDI, E-Commerce, Customer Portal
  • Direct store delivery (recurring/standing orders)
  • Promotion management with calendar, accruals, and actuals, and the ability to analyze promotion effectiveness
  • Built-in Salesforce Workflow to notify system exceptions
  • Unlimited self-service reports and dashboards

Additional Benefits

  • Find new sales opportunities, close sales faster and build lasting relationships across all channels
  • Increase On Time Delivery and improve cash flow
  • Automate trending and exception analytics to maximize sales and profit
Additional Benefits

Supply Planning

Supply Planning
  • Create forecasts based on “best fit” formulas for each of the SKUs
  • Configure planning parameters by SKU and warehouse
  • Run Supply Plan based on demand and supply to suggest work orders, purchase orders, and transfer orders
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