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GoldFinch ERP sprang up as a comprehensive system built for growth

Scott Zhuo and Marvin Fischer worked for decades implementing business systems and advising companies [of all sizes] on their software operations. Again and again, they found that many enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions were simply stuck in the past. The implementations took too long, the cost was too high, and teams often had difficulty learning how to use it. Understanding the particular needs of the distribution and manufacturing industry, Scott and Marvin decided to strike out on their own to create a nimble ERP system built on the powerful Salesforce Cloud…introducing GoldFinch ERP.

Committed to creating business software systems that work better​

The partners knew legacy systems tied to a specific location, server, or individual would create difficulties when technology evolved and the times changed. They wanted to find a solution that would work better for their customers yet be flexible and efficient, tied to an ecosystem that would grow long into the future. The partners decided that Salesforce was the right place to build their innovative solution. Salesforce offered control, profitability, accountability, security, and productivity—all on one platform.

And one long, sunny year in Cancun later, Scott utilized his deep development experiences to craft GoldFinch ERP on Salesforce.

“It was the best vacation I ever took—tanning by the beach, enjoying time with my family, and developing a nimble new solution.”

Scott Zhuo​


GoldFinch ERP offers the best of both worlds

Scott’s creation was instantly recognized by Marvin as a world-class platform that could be used for many complex business operations. Taking things further, Marvin knew that their connections and experiences with the distribution and manufacturing industry would inspire confidence and trust. This new platform enabled complete transparency on all employee actions and keeps them working in the same place. GoldFinch ERP allows companies to focus on their work and worry less about understanding how to use the business software.

On one hand, GoldFinch ERP is built for the future, on the cloud, and remains up-to-date in real-time. On the other hand, it would contain apps for every department like a traditional ERP system, offering a rich ecosystem for all employees to collaboratively do their best work.

Our team has helped generate success globally with GoldFinch ERP

Scott and Marvin released their groundbreaking system and have connected with companies worldwide with great success. The GoldFinch Team works with you to quickly implement the Salesforce Cloud-based system and guides your team through getting up and running. Having worked with manufacturers, distributors, and importers of all types, the GoldFinch Team understands how your business already functions. We speak with you, taking the time needed to find solutions to the pain points within your business, removing obstacles, and capitalizing on opportunities to achieve rapid growth.

GoldFinch ERP came from two partners looking to innovate in an industry dominated by companies intent on getting you started on their platform and ignoring you from then on. As a leading distribution and manufacturing software organization, GoldFinch Cloud Solutions creates and adapts to the marketplace by working with their customers, helping to elevate them to the top of their industry. Each business is unique and takes time to transition from an old-fashioned system that required an entire IT department. The GoldFinch Team is there to help you, to provide knowledge, and guide you to success. We promise that with GoldFinch ERP, your business works better.

GoldFinch Team
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