Inventory Management

Get Better Control of Your Inventory and Distribution Processes

We understand the unique challenges faced by distributors and manufacturers in efficiently managing their inventory. Our advanced ERP system empowers businesses with comprehensive features designed to optimize inventory control, streamline operations, and enhance productivity. With GoldFinch ERP, you can effectively track stock levels, monitor expiration dates, manage batch numbers, and ensure FIFO (First-In, First-Out) inventory rotation. Our intuitive interface provides real-time visibility into inventory data, allowing you to make informed decisions, prevent stockouts, and minimize wastage. Additionally, our robust reporting and analytics tools offer valuable insights into demand patterns, enabling you to optimize inventory levels and reduce carrying costs. Experience seamless inventory management with GoldFinch ERP and unlock unparalleled distribution and manufacturing operations efficiency.

Accurate Quantity & Costing Management

Accurate Quantity & Costing Management
  • Track inventory by Warehouse, Bin, Units of Measure, Lot, and Serial No.
  • Real-time costing with FIFO, FEFO, Lot, and Specific Costing Methods
  • Landed cost and freight invoice assignment for accurate COGS calculations
  • Container inventory and consignment inventory tracking
  • Advanced WMS with Pick, Put-away, Movement, Cycle Count, and Breakbulk
  • Transfer Order management with in-transit inventory
  • Mobile scanning using the native Salesforce platform
  • Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and export documents

Bi-directional Traceability & Recall

  • Lot traceability for all inbound and outbound inventory transactions
  • Bi-directional ingredient and product traceability and recall
  • Comply with safety and recall requirements
  • Account for all raw materials and finished goods throughout the production process
  • Isolate sensitive materials, and be fully recall-ready
Bi-directional Traceability & Recall

Quality Control & Testing

Quality Control & Testing
  • Design QC questions and technical sheets
  • Robust QC testing and printing of Certificate of Analysis
  • Pre-receipt inventory entry compliance
  • In-process quality checks and audits
  • Support SQF / BRC / FSMA / GFSI / HACCP initiatives

Catch Weight Management

  • Maintain inventory by both inventory unit (ex. LB) and catch weight unit (ex. Case)
  • Sales and purchase pricing is set up by catch weight unit
  • Create purchase orders using inventory unit, but receive by catch weight unit
  • Enter sales orders using inventory unit but pick by catch weight unit
  • Print picking ticket and packing list with both inventory unit and catch weight unit
  • Define catch weight tolerance percentages for items, ensuring that the entered catch weight values fall within a reasonable range of values
Catch Weight Management
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