Using Virtual Support to Reduce In-Person Field Service Visits

Thanks to technological advancements, companies can use virtual support services to streamline operations. The reality of running and managing a firm gradually shifts to a seamless and effortless responsibility.

You can significantly reduce in-person field visits by introducing an effective Cloud solution that leverages enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer resource management (CRM). Features like video and self-service support scheduling help simplify significant roles in every organization. Read on to learn how to use virtual support to reduce in-person field visits in your business.

How Can Virtual Support Help Reduce In-Person Field Visits?

Digital Scheduling and Dispatching

The number of companies that continue to use pen and paper to schedule and dispatch items is shockingly high. Such firms require workers to work near their clients for effective and efficient operations. You can use the virtual support feature to digitally schedule and dispatch your teams, reducing in-person field visits significantly.

Salesforce and GoldFinch ERP make a powerful software combination that provides digital scheduling and dispatching for your operations. The field service software digitizes a considerable chunk of your work. Another significant advantage of this feature is increasing the efficiency and profitability of your business.

Remote Access to Computers

An effective cloud-based ERP will significantly improve daily operations in companies where the staff work from home. The only limitation to such a work setup is that most of the critical files and software are on the central computer back at the office, making them inaccessible. The vital information may include job lists and schedules, pending invoices, or customer service stories.

Virtual support allows remote access to the central computer left at the office, making work more manageable. No longer will you have to move from the field to the office to access some information when granted access to real-time data.

Remote Estimates

Traditionally, physical interaction with the seller and buyer was necessary to get estimates or customer support. However, companies can provide estimates remotely through digital channels thanks to technology. Instead of visiting the client’s office, you can revise prices and terms through a video call.

Customer support can also be provided through digital channels like video or audio media. It has become easier for your support team to view and address possible queries using virtually connecting software. By providing remote estimates, businesses can reduce in-person field visits and save more of their resources.

Digital Invoicing

Virtual support from an effective ERP system also helps digitize payment collection, an integral function in every field service job. Instead of having to interact physically to collect your payment, customers can use digital payment methods to settle their invoices.

The payment processing module offered by integrating Salesforce with GoldFinch ERP makes it easy to collect money from all your customers. The system automatically sends an email confirmation message, and an invoice copy to the customers after payment is processed.

Why Consider Using Virtual Support in Your Business


One practical approach to saving company resources is through virtual support teams. This setup is more cost-effective than having an in-office team that makes regular in-person visits to customers. It ensures you spend less on employee transport and office equipment and allows you to save more of the available resources.

It would help to consider integrating the necessary software to support virtual operations and streamline your processes.

Global Talent Pool

An organization with effective ERP software that supports virtual teams can incorporate global talent into its workforce. Since in-person field visits get reduced, you can have skilled individuals from different regions working for your firm. Delegating roles is crucial if you wish to implement such an environment because the local talent pool can only do as much.

Your company is not limited to professionals residing in your region and guarantees a competitive advantage. You can also find cheaper labor from virtual employees without compromising output quality.


Finding new employees is standard when every company grows. Despite it sounding simple, hiring new employees is challenging and requires a lot of preparation. You need more office space, furniture, and necessary supplies to increase your employees.

However, using virtual support can help improve scalability. You can add virtual employees without worrying about office space since they have a unique work environment, utilities, and equipment. No additional funds are necessary, meaning you can hire as many employees as you need quickly.

24/7 Availability

Virtual employees are not limited in time or location, meaning they can work under their schedules. One primary reason why 24/7 availability is guaranteed is that these employees can come from different time zones. It is up to you to identify the ideal workforce system that will allow employees to carry out their responsibilities across other platforms effectively.

Improves Employee Morale

The benefits of using virtual support are not limited to the firm but also spread to the employees. The morale of your employees can improve by implementing an effective ERP system in your operations. It does so by reducing field trips, increasing time to relax, and allowing them to take advantage of more flexible hours.

By improving the morale of your employees, an increase in productivity and efficiency is possible. It is only through satisfied and relaxed employees that your company can become more productive.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

A virtual support system also helps employees maintain a healthy work-life balance. You should invest in an operations system where your employees do not spend most of their time at work. Your workforce can create and implement flexible working hours to control their lives and improve productivity.

Using a virtual system to reduce in-person field visits allows them to spend more time around their family, utilize leisure and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The best way to reduce in-person field visits is through virtual support. Your company can achieve a practical and effective virtual support system by implementing an effective ERP solution in its operations. You can pair Salesforce and GoldFinch ERP to help connect your sales to your customers and use the sales data to improve productivity and efficiency.

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