Securing Your Data with ERP

A significant percentage of small businesses find themselves struggling to meet client demands. Managing and growing your business can be challenging, but you streamline your operations by implementing an ERP system.

There are dozens of perks related to integrating an effective ERP system into your operation, including data security benefits. A cloud-based ERP system significantly improves all aspects of your business by providing a secure and accessible off-site storage location. This article discusses the security benefits of storing your data in the cloud using an ERP system.

How Secure is Cloud Storage?

Data security is a vital aspect of the running of any organization. Cloud storage provides one of the safest and most secure platforms businesses can use to grow their operations without hiring more staff. Considering this aspect in high regard would be best as you protect your information and clients.

Compared to physical storage, cloud storage is simply more secure. The lack of a physical server is one of the reasons explaining the high security in cloud storage. Concerns over onsite theft, fire, and flooding evaporate. Access to information is also restricted from unauthorized individuals by installing several security barriers. Read on for more benefits of cloud storage for all your data needs.

Security Benefits of Cloud-Based ERP

Prompt Disaster Recovery

Cloud storage allows you to protect organizational data through regular backups on your operating systems and applications. You become more equipped to maintain security systems and services during a disaster.

The storage platform also guarantees more uptime to customers by assuring them that their data is secure. The automatic backup feature reduces customer fear and frustration, increasing satisfaction and leading to repeat customers and positive referrals. Considering Salesforce ERP guarantees a practical disaster recovery approach of its automatic backup feature.

Incremental and versioned backups also help thwart damage from a ransomware attack by allowing you to restore data from a \”clean,\” pre-infection state.


Security is essential in any business, especially when handling huge chunks of data. You must ensure your software is secure and updated to reduce risk exposure. A cloud-based ERP creates perimeter firewalls to confirm if the data stored in your system is safe.

Blocking external cyber-attacks is as important as protecting yourself from internal security threats. Features like two-factor authentication help improve data safety by increasing your system\’s security levels.

The internal firewalls put up by your ERP software also protect you from intrusion attempts. Intrusion detection focuses on tracking and recording all attempts and provides an event logging solution to help protect your data more. Not only will it increase security, but it will also ensure you remain compliant with industry standards.

Enhanced Communication

Clear communication and a transparent relationship with your customers are essential when running any business. Your cloud-based ERP solution can help effectively coordinate communication between your business\’s stakeholders. The system helps maintain communication consistency with the multiple departments and employees involved.

Depending on their authorization levels, these stakeholders also access company information on the cloud. Quick and effective communication is necessary when dealing with clients or responding to service requests. Cloud-based ERP software like Salesforce notifies you immediately after a customer request gets submitted and helps you react in a trust-building approach.

More Uptime

Bad reputation, loss of business, and even fines can result from downtime in your operations. A company experiencing downtime finds it challenging to satisfy customer demands and meet deadlines. To prevent overloading your data centers, you should consider cloud-based software to deliver flexible capacities that allow you to meet fluctuating business needs.

Since you do not rely on one server in cloud storage, your business is guaranteed more uptime. Simply put, a company that functions with one server is more susceptible to outages or security threats.

Exceptional Scalability

Integrating a cloud-based ERP system, like GoldFinch ERP, into your operations provides your business with an opportunity to grow and take on more projects. Not only does the ERP software allow you to make changes based on capacity and demand, but it also allows you to adjust to industry and technology updates.

With an elastic setup, server resources can expand and contract on-demand with your business needs. This elasticity not only provides flexibility, but it does so in an affordable manner, as you only pay for more resources when you need them.

The scalability opportunities are endless since your business relies less on physical hardware. You become better positioned to save money while at liberty to make any changes in the future.

Remote Capabilities

The remote capabilities inherent in cloud-based ERP are among the many reasons managers prefer this system. The cloud storage platform provides your team access to organizational files regardless of location. It allows them to deliver quality services to customers irrespective of where they are.

Tips to Maximize Security in Your Cloud Storage

Use Strong Passwords

Securing your account with a strong password is the first step to creating secure cloud storage for your business. Here are some elements that make a good password:

  • It should be at least eight characters long; the longer it is, the more secure you are
  • It should include a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers
  • Should not be based on personal information
  • Avoid words in the dictionary since they are more susceptible to security breaches
  • Use a password management program, like 1Password, to create and store strong passwords

Data Encryption

Most cloud-based ERPs first direct your data traffic to secure channels where it gets filtered. When filtering, the system encrypts and authenticates your data to improve security and minimize exposure to eavesdropping. It would help to find an ERP solution like GoldFinch that supports client-side encryption for maximum data security.

Turn On Account Alerts

Account alerts in cloud storage services come in handy as they alert you to any significant events in your account. Turning on account alerts ensures you receive notifications for every attempt to access your account. The feature proves effective in helping you detect suspicious behaviors with your account.

Use Secure Connections

Setting up firewalls, using complex passwords, and installing anti-malware programs are practical ways to secure your data. However, all your security efforts are futile if you keep using unsecured connections. These connections expose your system to vulnerabilities, making it easy for hackers to compromise your data.


There are many advantages to integrating an effective ERP system into your operations. The data security benefits natively built into cloud-based ERP are enough reason for you to consider GoldFinch ERP running on Salesforce as your secure and effective solution. Contact us today to learn more.

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