Integrating Salesforce CPQ into your Business

Salesforce CPQ helps companies generate order quotes quickly and accurately. CPQ follows specific rules when automating quotes to achieve error-free pricing. Integrating the software into an effective ERP will streamline quote generation and increase accuracy.

GoldFinch ERP fully integrates with Salesforce CPQ. Implementing this configuration in your teams adds value to your organization. The ERP helps with crucial functions like inventory, supply chain, and financial management, while CPQ helps with order processing.

Read on to learn more about CPQ and the benefits of integrating it into your business.

Salesforce CPQ Explained

The Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote software is a tool that provides companies with accurate pricing on all their products. It considers customizations, optional features, discounts, and quantities, helping your sales team quote accurate prices quickly. Your team\’s efficiency improves because of its easy-to-use software and the remote access feature.

How Does CPQ Help your Business?

The difference between a company with CPQ and one without is significant. This section explains the impressive positive results of implementing CPQ in your processes.

Reduces Time Wastage

The more efficiently your sales team works, the more profitable your organization becomes. One of the best approaches to working smart is eliminating waste in production and implementing innovative sales tactics.

You can make your sales process lean by simplifying routine processes like submitting proposals. Since the CPQ, ERP, and CRM are on a common platform, your sales team has all the necessary information on their devices. It makes quote delivery effortless and more efficient.

Increases Deal Size by Identifying Specializations and Options

To ideally solve a customer\’s problem, you must consult with them. Having a subject matter expert (or SME) to lead your sales team in solving problems and being aware of the solutions to implement is powerful.

An SME might seem like an invaluable asset for all your sales call. However, it would help to understand that salespeople often lack technical insights into the supply chain and complex products. You should consider implementing a CPQ platform if you don\’t have an SME. The software will have your products\’ specifications, allowing your customers and sales team to enjoy the advantages of a virtual SME.

Increases Sales

Sales teams waste a lot of time switching configurations to generate quotes and finding missing information. Such actions can indirectly decrease a salesperson\’s efficiency, which affects sales opportunities. All firms should aim to make their sales processes lean to save time for their team and the buyer. Respecting your clients\’ time can also affect your company\’s overall reputation.

Implementing a CPQ prevents damaging your firm\’s reputation by identifying price inconsistencies for your clients. The featured apps help anticipate possible scenarios in pricing and streamline the quoting process.

Speeds Up your Sales Process

Speeding up your sales process provides access to a new selling landscape. Your company can achieve a quicker sales process by integrating CPQ, which can increase the deals landed. It helps protect your company from losing potential clients due to stalling in the sales pipeline.

Why Integrate CPQ and ERP?

Firms that integrate CPQ and ERP look to combine their front and back-end processes seamlessly. Front-house processes include sales and quote management, while back-house procedures include inventory management and production. Integrating the two systems automates data movement, speeding up the process while eliminating human error.

How Does CPQ & ERP Integration Work?

It would help focus on the Quote-to-Cash process to understand better how CPQ and ERP integration works. Most of these processes fall within the CRM platform, which houses CPQ processes. The ERP handles the last few steps, like production.

Integrating the two means once your team closes a deal, it automatically updates the ERP for fulfillment and invoicing. The ERP also updates the CRM\’s status and seamlessly changes invoice information. If a sales rep wants to know about a specific sale, they can look in the CRM to see all the details.

Here are some of the benefits of CPQ and ERP Integration:

Fast and Accurate Design

The main reason companies integrate their CPQ and ERP systems is the easy translation of customer requests in production. The CPQ software quickly creates your ideal design using pre-delivered features and parameters.

The design created perfectly aligns with your products and all order possibilities. It eliminates the lengthy and time-consuming process of interpreting customer requests and product specification estimation.

Simplifies Quote and Bill of Materials Generation

It is easier to quickly and accurately create quotes and a comprehensive bill of materials with a CPQ-ERP configuration. The integration helps handle all the steps in order processing, even when involving complex customized products. Your team can create quotations quickly by using the data saved in the system beforehand. It also becomes easier to identify the materials you need and estimate how much they\’ll cost.

Shortens the Period Between Quotation and Production

Integrating CPQ and ERP provides a comprehensive overview of all production processes. The summary improves decision-making and reduces the time between order and product reception. The software ensures you efficiently and quickly meet all customer requests by handling the design, production, and logistics.

Adding GoldFinch ERP to your Current Configuration

GoldFinch is among the outstanding ERPs to consider when integrating into your CPQ and CRM configuration. It fully integrates with Salesforce CPQ and promises to add value to your organization.

Your product\’s logic is built up in the implemented CPQ software. A salesperson will configure the product in-house, then roll out a quotation in minutes. The ERP will synchronize all the products and their respective prices, making it easier for your team.

Key Takeaway

It would be best if you considered implementing the Salesforce CPQ to streamline your sales process and increase profitability. To realize the actual benefits of the program, it would help to combine CPQ with GoldFinch ERP. GoldFinch fully integrates with CPQ as it is built natively on the Salesforce platform and provides the ideal configuration to unlock the full potential of your sales team.

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