Expanding Field Service Lightning

Modern companies invest heavily in digitalizing their internal processes by adopting tools to facilitate task tracking, control, and validation. One outstanding tool that significantly helps streamline your mobile services is the Field Service Lightning offering from Salesforce.

Field Service Lightning (FSL) promotes productivity by helping your team handle all customer data and records on one platform. For companies with field agents, it helps monitor, manage and optimize field performance.

Here is more on Salesforce FSL and why you should consider integrating an inventory management system.

What is the Field Service Lightning by Salesforce?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a mobile-oriented and high-performance tool explicitly designed for enterprises with mobile teams and contracts. This solution has various tools to help companies improve performance delivery by optimizing workforce distribution. Some critical features in FSL include intelligent field service delivery and premium process optimization.

Key Features in Salesforce Field Service

The features available in FSL look to expand the use of Salesforce Cloud. Here are some of the main functions that make the solution useful for companies:

Task Assignment

The task assignment feature is among the best functions of FSL. It lets you generate and track standard maintenance tasks, work assignments, and other field appointments.

Since everything connects in the Salesforce platform, it is easier to integrate FSL with other tools. You can incorporate it with contacts, accounts, active cases, and other items. The support available is also outstanding. There are instant visualizations of knowledge articles and service level compliance tracking with the relevant milestones.

Resource Assignment

Salesforce Field Service Lightning also assists in automatically assigning and programming tasks based on company guidelines. It also allows booking appointments according to objective data and programs. For your customers, the tool helps them auto-book appointments conveniently.

Real-Time Inventory Tracking

There is a powerful mobile application available in FSL. The application helps identify assets in each client center by scanning team barcodes and updating the inventory in the truck.

Your technicians will efficiently manage the inventory and materials en route to the client. The program also increases your chances of assigning a task to its ideal technician. It associates both inventory requirements and the required skills for effective execution.

Dispatcher Console

Another outstanding feature of FSL is the dispatcher console by Salesforce. It allows you to remotely assign tasks and link them to the respective employee\’s phone. How you allocate the projects will depend on aspects like worksite location, required skill, and employee availability.

You\’ll get a complete view of all scheduled appointments on each dispatcher\’s profile. The platform also provides personalized visits and alerts to problems requiring specialized attention.

Field Service Application

Technicians see their pending tasks in real-time through the field service application. The tasks can appear in two formats: a list of orders or a map showing the technician\’s planned route.

The app also allows real-time sharing of updates among technicians or headquarters. Your technicians can collect client signatures on the app, create service reports and obtain digital documents confirming successful execution. The offline mode helps continue with work even when in areas without service.

Data Analysis

All tools available in Salesforce have analytic functionalities. The Field Service Lightning solution facilitates data analysis on all devices, creating a comprehensive view of supervisors, agents, subcontractors, and technicians. You are better positioned to make performance, operative, and service data supervision possible by integrating data from multiple systems.

Why You Need Salesforce Field Service Lightning

There are several benefits to implementing the Salesforce FSL in your processes. These benefits make it necessary for your company to consider adopting this solution. Here is why you need FSL:

Seamless Work Order Integration and Management

One of the critical functions of the Salesforce FSL is to facilitate work order creation and management. It also helps integrate work orders across accounts, cases, contacts, and other vital elements. The availability of knowledge articles also makes it easier to navigate the platform while guaranteeing SLA compliance tracking.

Smart Job Assigning

Another reason you should consider FSL is its ability to assign jobs intelligently depending on employee skill and availability. The solution features smart scheduling, crew tracking, and tools and equipment tracking to facilitate intelligent task scheduling. It starts by evaluating your team\’s location, skills, and availability, before allocating the order to the most appropriate prospect.

Improved Inventory Management

The FSL solution by Salesforce helps with real-time inventory tracking and makes the data remotely accessible. By doing this, FSL streamlines inventory management and ensures efficient assets and resource management.

Are There Benefits to Mobile Inventory Management?

Using mobile phones to facilitate business operations seemed unachievable a decade ago. Today, mobile technology is a normality in the modern company landscape. It would help consider a high-quality inventory management solution like GoldFinch to maximize efficiency. This section explains the several benefits of mobile inventory management:


Programs are more accurate than inventory personnel when checking over transactions and other tasks. Modern firms prefer mobile apps allowing QR and barcode scanning to ensure data precision. Correct data is the first step to better decision-making and improved business productivity.

Real-Time Information

An effective ERP solution syncs mobile apps in real-time, allowing access to accurate and updated information. Your managers and teams become more efficient once they use real-time insights in decision-making and task execution.

Centralized Database

Robust ERP solutions, including GoldFinch ERP, enforce a centralized database. Having company information in one location improves security and provides easier data retrieval. Some of these platforms are cloud-based, meaning you can access data remotely.

Offline access is also an advantage common with centralized databases. Using mobile apps, employees can store the performed transactions and sync once connected to the internet

Bottom Line

The best approach to help fill the holes in your workflows is implementing Salesforce solutions. The Field Service Lightning solution paired with GoldFinch ERP helps streamline your outside-office team by allowing inventory tracking and job assignments.
It\’s time to maximize efficiency and productivity within your organization. Contact us today to get started.

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