Using CRM and ERP for your Global Enterprise

To realize the full potential of your establishment, it’s crucial to understand how important your customers are. Having robust and accessible customer relationship management software is the best approach to ensuring your business collects and makes use of customer information in real-time.

For multinational companies, the need for a CRM is more significant since there are several markets to collect data from. Salesforce is among the few customer relationship management solutions truly built for companies operating in the international space. It is multi-language, cloud-based, and can integrate with ERPs like GoldFinch for an enhanced experience.

Here is why you need to start using CRM and ERP in your global enterprise and how you’ll benefit.

How Can Global Firms Benefit from CRM Implementation?

Managing your relationship with your customers is at the heart of every organization. Recent research shows that 91% of companies with over 11 employees use CRM software to improve customer relationships and strengthen their brand. Multinational institutions also find it vital to have CRM software since they operate in various international markets.

From cloud storage to automated reports, here is how a CRM will help streamline operations and have you making more sales:

Better Sales Performance

One of the main reasons multinational companies find it crucial to implement an ERP is to achieve optimum lead generation and nurturing. Not managing your sales leads can result in losing sales opportunities. Note that these leads will come from different regions, and you can easily misplace or mix them up.

Implementing a practical CRM means all sales leads record in real-time. The system also nurtures the prospect through its intuitive and mobile-friendly features, ensuring your global sales team can access relevant information remotely.

Increased Internal Efficiency

CRM implementation also helps increase global efficiency. For example, a customer purchases your product and travels with it overseas. If there is any problem with the product, they can call your office and get the necessary help in their new location. Your employees can access the customer’s purchase history, product information, and previous support calls.

Having a CRM like Salesforce in your global organization will provide seamless information access to all departments and branches. It means they can assist a lead or customer in need regardless of the region or country of operation. By providing remote information access, your CRM solution increases internal efficiency significantly.

Enhanced Mobility for Global Field Teams

Another reason multinational companies should consider CRM implementation is to increase the efficiency of their global field teams. For example, some firms send sales representatives across borders to penetrate new markets. Any lead or customer information collected during the business trip reflects and is accessible to the head office in real-time.

This feature makes it easy to share information between departments without time or distance limitations. The CRM also assists in email automation; it immediately establishes contact with new leads, optimizing your sales prospecting.

Why Integrate CRM and ERP in Your Global Firm?

Integrating your CRM with the right ERP helps bring together your global business’s front- and back-end processes. It connects and synchronizes your ERP and CRM, ensuring automated and consistent information sharing. The most straightforward approach to achieving this is through application integration, where you find two compatible solutions.

The following are the reasons global enterprises need to integrate their CRM into an ERP:

Provides Comprehensive Customer Overviews

ERP and CRM integration provides your administration with accurate and comprehensive end-to-end visibility of your processes and customers. It makes it easier to access information about different departments, from sales to marketing, and helps in decision-making significantly. For your customers, the data collected will help find practical approaches to create more robust and lasting customer relationships.

Improves Efficiency

Global companies often waste a lot of time on manual and redundant tasks that can be easily automated with the right software. Integrating your CRM and ERP will help automate most of these workflows, eventually enhancing productivity and efficiency. Also, automating these tasks reduces human error exposure and guarantees true and accurate information.

Promotes Employee Collaboration

If you want your employees to collaborate seamlessly, ensure all departments are well connected. And what better way to bring your departments together than integrating your CRM into an ERP? Achieving a cross-departmental configuration improves overall functionality since everyone is on the same page. ERP and CRM integration also supports real-time data sharing and provides your team with up-to-the-minute data updates.

Quicker Sales Approvals

Providing your sales and operations teams with real-time data access means they’ll speed up the sales approval process. It also makes same-day signing a more realistic goal, especially since all the information required is centralized and up to date. For global companies, the best and most affordable option to achieve this is integrating their CRM and ERP functions.

Why Salesforce and GoldFinch?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution enabling organizations to understand better and connect with customers to grow their global reach. It provides a 360-degree view of customer lifecycles, centralized data management, and real-time tracking of customer analytics.

The following are features that make Salesforce perfect for multinational companies:

  • The Salesforce Sales Cloud enables your sales team to focus on sales by automating complex processes, tracking customer information and interactions, and nurturing leads.
  • The Salesforce Marketing Cloud automates the marketing process and combines all marketing channels in a centralized place. It personalizes email marketing, delivers personalized web content, manages campaigns, and optimizes customer journeys.
  • The Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a suite of apps and software services focused on unifying how businesses engage with customers across different channels.
  • The Salesforce Analytics Cloud allows businesses to extract and analyze massive data to get answers quickly and make data-driven decisions.
  • The Salesforce IoT Cloud effectively translates data collected from the customer’s smart devices, sensors, and partners into valuable customer data.

GoldFinch ERP is 100% built natively on Salesforce. Integrating it into your CRM means you combine all company information in one platform, which helps improve efficiency and productivity through automation, inventory management, and more.


Global enterprises need CRM and ERP integration as they deal with more employees and different regional regulations. Integrating Salesforce CRM with GoldFinch ERP will help overcome all the global challenges and streamline your operations.

Reach out to us today to discuss getting started!

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