Tracking Worker Certifications with Enterprise Resource Planning

Every business must track its employee\’s credentials and training history to guarantee maximum productivity. The current business environment requires firms to have specific requirements for each position to comply with industry and government compliance.

Most business owners don\’t realize that an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution extends functionality to their human resource department. The platform provides your HR team with all employee information, from certifications to completed training sessions. Here is how Enterprise Resource Planning helps track worker certifications and how it can streamline your HR unit.

How Does ERP Help Manage Worker Certification?

There is a great need to manage all your employee information in a joint and optimized platform for improved performance. Consolidating worker information in your company helps answer questions like:

  • Who\’s the best candidate for a specific job?
  • Who\’s available to handle a particular project?
  • Why was this project not successful?

Here is how an ERP helps manage employee certifications:

Centralized Storage

ERP systems emphasize central storage for all company information, including employee certifications and status. This storage configuration makes it easier and more efficient when deciding if an employee complies with specific task requirements. The system automatically reviews your staff list and identifies potential individuals most likely to complete the project successfully.

If you use a spreadsheet, all you can do is add the license and training expiration dates to the sheet.

Real-time Status Updates

Real-time information sharing in any organization is crucial in ensuring you take full advantage of the available resources. When using spreadsheets, updating employee status in real-time becomes challenging. The only option is opening up your spreadsheets daily to ensure you don\’t miss any updates.

ERP also provides a practical approach to automating real-time status updates on your employee\’s qualifications. The system updates worker certifications and compliance as they happen, and you can confirm the compliance percentage at any time. Platforms like GoldFinch also help build more accurate reports and send automated notifications to all parties involved.

Automatic Notifications

Most traditional data management platforms cannot automate important notifications. You must integrate a system that alerts you when a certificate is about to expire, helping you take the necessary corrective action. You can either remind your employee to retake the training or make efforts to renew their credentials.

ERPs deploy automatic notifications on your team\’s certification status through email or text messages. This feature eliminates the need to review your employees\’ portfolios often since it handles tasks more efficiently.

Training Hours Tracking

Your employee must complete the necessary continuing education credits or training hours to get specific certifications. It is significantly challenging to keep up with the training progress of all your workers when using spreadsheets to manage data.

An ideal enterprise resource planning solution makes it easy to link certifications and training hours. The system automatically sends notifications due to training, ensuring your practice complies with the set regulations. Simply run reports to identify who\’s compliant and who\’s not.

Security and Confidentiality

Worker certifications are confidential documents since they include personal information, hence the need to guarantee security. Individuals using spreadsheets for data management must ensure they password-protect documents to avoid falling into the wrong hands.

It would be best if you considered implementing an ERP solution in your data management approach to help maximize security and confidentiality. The system protects the information by encrypting the data. To access and edit the information, you\’ll need advanced permissions.

Regulation Compliance

There are specific certification requirements necessary for the different roles in an organization. For example, a forklift driver has varying conditions from an employee who works at heights. The regulatory compliance requirements set help guarantee maximum productivity while preventing avoidable injuries.

The ERP platform stores all company and employee information on a centralized database. You can automatically identify compliant and non-compliant employees by conducting reports on specific positions. It allows you to create roadmaps and training paths, helping you keep your firm compliant by assigning work to qualified individuals.

Why Is Tracking Worker Certifications Important?

Worker certification tracking involves overseeing employee certifications, confirming their validity, and ensuring there are no expired licenses throughout. It is a common practice in most industries that are strict on certificates like:

  • Health care
  • Pharmacy
  • Education
  • Emergency management
  • Architecture
  • Accounting

There are several benefits to tracking worker certification in your firm. First, it ensures all your employees comply with state or industry regulations. Regulation compliance helps your business keep up with the prevailing trends while putting your team on track for advancement in the future.

Tracking worker certifications also help protect the business owner from potential liability, like having a non-licensed employee. Implement an ERP to help organize your worker\’s management by recognizing those who need renewal early and ensuring all employees comply. It would help to note that some industries require Continuing Education (CE) to maintain your registration or license.

The most crucial consideration when tracking worker certifications is the expiration date. The expiry date shows when their credentials will fall out of compliance and requires urgent updating to resume operations. Employees working with expired certifications can be very detrimental to your brand if anything happens.

How Can GoldFinch Help Track Worker Certifications?

You can consider several ERPs to optimize your HR department, but few compare to GoldFinch ERP. The platform makes it easy to keep track of your workers\’ training and certifications, helping you keep up with their expiry dates. The features available also make it easy to pair tasks with qualified employees to guarantee maximum productivity.

Here is how GoldFinch ERP helps track worker qualifications:

  • Record all qualifications, certifications, licenses, and training renewal dates
  • Support employee onboarding
  • Assign specific licenses or certifications to particular job positions or employees
  • Automatic reports on the number of certified employees and their status


All businesses must understand the importance of tracking worker certifications using a centralized and comprehensive configuration. It would help to integrate an ERP like GoldFinch to help with all the licensing and task assignments for improved performance

Are you on top of your employee licenses and certifications? Contact us today—we can help!

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