The Magic of Mobile ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP, is a solution that allows businesses to streamline and automate processes, covering all aspects of the company. The secret behind many successful business owners is the efficiency of a mobile ERP solution. The ERP handles their \”heavy lifting.\” There are obvious benefits associated with ERP for any business, but popular favorites include easier collaboration among team members, improved client services, and data analytics.

These systems were only available via external hardware or desktop in the past. However, with the advancement of technology, cloud-based platforms have emerged. Meaning managers and other decision-makers within a company are moving towards mobile solutions for increased flexibility and accessibility. Let\’s discover more about mobile ERP and how it can benefit your business.

Mobile ERP

Think about it: on any given day, you browse Facebook, upload pictures to Instagram, and send videos to TikTok on your mobile devices. You enter your appointments onto your calendar and set reminders. You manage your entire life via your mobile devices.

If you can manage your life via mobile, it\’s simply most efficient to do the same with your business. The logic behind a mobile ERP system is that it keeps you connected to your business 24/7 without having to be sitting behind a computer.

This power allows you to access your business and ensure efficiency even when you are out of the office, on vacation, or whatever the case may be. Of course, a Mobile ERP solution goes beyond simply accessing files and the like. It also allows you to create documents and other types of business information too, including creating invoices, adding purchase orders, adding new vendors, and so much more.

A Mobile ERP system doesn\’t mean you have to compromise either! You can still have real-time access via Android or iOS, so you have the same capability you would if you were sitting at your desk in front of your computer.

7 Benefits of Mobile ERP

Access Data in Real-Time

When you have Mobile ERP, you always have access to business intelligence. You can look over sales data, project status, customer/vendor details, information about materials, and expense reports at any time. In addition, you can access detailed analyses and security alerts as well.

Automatically Synchronize Changes

If you make changes within your mobile app, they will update throughout the system. Your entire system is synchronized, so everyone sees the same changes simultaneously, no matter who views the dashboard or where it\’s accessed. You don\’t have to worry about taking the time to re-enter information when you get back to the office. Simply entering it into the mobile app is all you need.

Integrates Features on the Mobile Device

A mobile ERP system can use the features on the mobile device. If a photo of a receipt is required, the team member can use the camera on the device to capture and send it. Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition can verify identity to ensure secure access—so not just anyone can pick up the mobile device and access the information. Opportunities can advise salespeople via push notifications.

Fully Functional

A mobile ERP system offers the same functions that a desktop version would. A mobile ERP offers task management, time reporting, approvals for time/expense/sales orders, and more.

Increases Productivity

Team members can complete data entry and other business tasks while in the field. Decision-makers and stakeholders don\’t have to be in the office to make decisions. Mobile ERP system improves productivity and decreases transportation costs. Sales and service activities can be efficiently completed with very little lead time—even when personnel is not in the office.

Information Adapts to Screen Size

Regardless of the size, orientation, or resolution of the screen used, the user can see all critical information. They have access to inventory, materials status, and sales trends in detail and take the necessary steps right away. At least, if you grant them the permissions.

Allows Coordination with Remote Personnel

If you have a mobile ERP system, you can send out technicians with the appropriate skills and customer info when they are in the field. A mobile ERP system allows scheduling and drag/drop tools to help with dispatching workers. The field personnel can update the service orders, which the team can immediately see in the office.


An ERP system is critical for every business. And mobile ERP expands on that because of the flexibility it allows. You can keep tabs on your business even when you\’re not in the office—and that\’s the magic of mobile ERP!

Contact Goldfinch ERP today to learn more about our mobile ERP solutions. We will be happy to help assess your needs and set you up with a system that works best for your business.

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