Selecting the Correct Enterprise Resource Planning Provider

Selecting the Correct Enterprise Resource Planning Provider

Implementing an effective ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning solution is the first step to maximizing your company’s productivity. However, the selected provider significantly influences your approach’s effectiveness. You need a team that understands and best serves your needs, and only customer-oriented ERPs like GoldFinch can deliver.

Although it looks easy, finding your ideal ERP provider has a lot of considerations. You must vet multiple providers, review their features and match them with your company’s needs. By paying closer attention to your selection process, you can form a partnership that works for all parties. Here are tips to help you eliminate guesswork when selecting an ERP provider.

How to Find Your Ideal ERP Provider

No organization should take selecting an ERP lightly, as it plays a crucial role in scalability. You must dissect your operations, data, and processes to understand your organization better. It would also help to consult with other stakeholders before finalizing the contract.

Better position yourself to identify an ERP provider that best serves your interests by:

Understanding What Your Business Needs

ERP systems come with varying features, so understanding what ERP features and functions your business needs is vital before looking for a provider. Start by comprehensively reviewing your business process and workflow, then identify a team that can deliver.

The analysis conducted must be objective. Try to include your company’s definition of success, how to achieve them, and if you’ll need outside assistance. Most providers offer dedicated consultants to help with the assessment and selection process.

Winning the Support of All Stakeholders

Implementing an ERP will require all stakeholders’ input, from administrators to low-level employees. The only way to achieve a smooth system transition is by gaining support from all business stakeholders.

To convince the senior management, create comprehensive reviews showing them the ERPs’ potential and expected results. Note that they play a crucial role in ERP success, hence the need to have them support the transition. You’ll also need to get your employees on board to guarantee successful implementation.

Confirming Its Integration Capabilities

ERP platforms often integrate with other systems dedicated to specific functions. The ideal provider should offer a solution that easily integrates with most of these applications for effective operations. Most solutions feature certified integration into critical business applications like vendor and project management or do so natively. One primary advantage of using out-of-the-box integrations is you don’t have to switch the entire system when moving.

Before settling on an ERP provider, confirm they use industry-standard interfaces to support integration. They’re also secure and well-understood by developers, helping them speed up your system transition. It’d also help to find a platform that supports CSV file import and export.

Considering Its Functional Fit

Another crucial consideration when appraising ERP providers is the business problems they can solve. The ideal solution should solve most, if not all, of your business needs while offering you customer-friendly prices. That’s why you must understand how the selected platform will interact with your organization’s processes. Instead of only focusing on current needs, it would be wise to consider future scenarios.

There are two main configurations with ERPs: rigid and configurable. The former features several predefined processes, while the latter is a configurable system that adapts to your business operations. Since the system switch will affect everybody, ensure you consult with them and choose a solution that needs as little customization as possible.

To determine functional fit, ask these questions:

  • Where does the current system fail?
  • Where does the current system perform exemplary?
  • What are the manual processes up for automation?
  • What departments will integrate into the new ERP?

Assessing Each Provider’s Reputation

A business’s reputation tells a lot about how they conduct their operations. Before selecting prospects, you need to determine whether a vendor’s reputation is positive. The verification isn’t complicated but is time-consuming.

You can start by confirming how experienced the vendor is in your industry. Online reviews will also help get unbiased information about the ERP provider and the quality of their services. Reading through provider user forums will allow you to ask more technical questions.

Considering Your Budget

Most firms forget to consider costs like the modules needed, their configuration, and implementation. It would help to note that most ERP providers offer different product pricing. It depends on the features you need to access and your team size. Also, be aware that higher pricing doesn’t automatically mean a more efficient system.

Why GoldFinch?

GoldFinch is among the few ERP providers dedicated to driving success for manufacturers. It’s a comprehensive solution tailored to your manufacturing needs with features like supply chain optimization, inventory management, and manufacturing process control. The ERP also helps streamline operations, boost profitability, and enhance efficiency.

Being a niche outfit, GoldFinch guarantees personalized attention, flexibility, customer support, and cost-effectiveness. Established providers tend to deal with hundreds of customers without a sustainable system to support them, exposing you to many complications. The personalization offered by GoldFinch makes it an ideal alternative.

Some of the benefits of partnering with ERPs like GoldFinch are:

  • You get personalized attention, providing you with a team of experts to help with your needs and requirements
  • The customization makes them more flexible in their offerings, meaning they can be tailored to your company’s specific needs
  • They are more cost-effective since their overhead costs are low
  • You don’t have to worry about scaling your business as the system grows
  • They provide quality customer service

In addition to its robust feature set, GoldFinch seamlessly integrates with various systems to promote overall functionality in all core processes. Other advanced features include real-time data access and collaboration through cloud-based information storage.


The ERP provider selected plays a crucial role in the success of your implementation. Companies must pay close attention to the various factors considered when vetting providers.

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