Running Your Business from the Beach

It is common for leaders to shrink away from taking holidays due to the fear of their business collapsing. However, thanks to technology, you can effectively run your business operations even in your absence. You can typically oversee communications and working practices using tools like Salesforce, GoldFinch, and Slack suite. Read on as we explain how running your business from the beach is possible.

Build Stronger Connections

Solid connections with your clients are vital to every business\’s success. Salesforce ensures that all interactions and engagements with your customers are valuable. Enforcing it in your operations means customer relationships remain productive even when you are not in the office.

When used effectively in a business, the tool proves to be a crucial asset. It makes it easy to understand your customer\’s needs and how you can meet their expectations.

Reliable Customer Support

To ensure business continuity and customer satisfaction, you need to provide a functional channel for feedback and assistance. You might leverage Salesforce to ensure your clients get support even when nobody is at the office. It will help you create your firm\’s 24/7/365 customer support line.

Promotes Team Collaboration

Your company stands to gain more when all employees understand they are team members. CRM tools like Salesforce make it easy to communicate between different departments, promoting team collaboration. Slack suite also helps dispatch messages to your workforce effortlessly.

You can easily delegate your team leaders\’ specific instructions at the comfort of your beach residence, and all tasks will flow accordingly. It simplifies the scheduling of tasks and team prioritization, allowing your business to finalize sales faster and work on more leads.

Data Accessibility and Security

While on the beach, your main worry might be how you will stay updated about how the business is progressing. However, CRM tools provide a cloud-based platform that stores and provides access to real-time data provided you have internet access. You are guaranteed to stay in touch with your team and customers, delivering a hands-on experience.

Data security is also enhanced since there is no need for a centralized data storage location. Instead of using filing cabinets and local servers, which can get compromised, you store all your data on a secured cloud.

Provide Professional Account Management

Customer data is a vital aspect when maximizing customer satisfaction. Salesforce CRM provides a platform to stay organized by setting reminders and ensuring you meet client deadlines. Even on the beach, you will still get alerts of incoming meetings.

With Salesforce, users have access to mobile-enabled cloud software solutions. The system allows you to store company data remotely and provides remote access even on smartphones. Using your mobile device, you can observe transactions, delegate orders, and approve requests without leaving your bench at the beach.

Why You Should Consider an ERP Solution When Running Your Business Remotely

Real-time Access to Information

ERP solutions allow you to oversee all your business operations remotely. Functions like customer service, purchasing, order processing, and account management can run uninterrupted without you being in the office. You also get access to data in real-time and remain connected to the daily operations while enjoying your vacation.

Sharpens Communication

Miscommunication between the employer and employee is common where distance is involved. To reduce the risk of miscommunication, employers can integrate an ERP solution to help with digital communication. ERP systems like GoldFinch help remove the unnecessary dialogue by enforcing a central tool to share business updates. Access to the database allows you to get the most recent documents and information on all transactions.

Improves Accuracy

Sharing company information through digital channels takes up a lot of time and exposes the data to errors. ERP software can reduce error exposure and boost productivity since data can be observed in real-time across all departments. If you are on the beach, you can watch how well your team collaborates and make accurate adjustments to maximize productivity.

Simplify Supervision

One of the primary reasons managers and team leaders fancy ERP is because of the supervision advantages it guarantees. You are assured of complete visibility of your team\’s work and get access to their performance data. It makes monitoring employees remotely effortless, allowing you to track your company\’s productivity and efficiency.

Provides Room for Scalability

Working from the beach also helps save your office some resources, providing room for scalability. ERP systems promote working remotely, reducing overhead costs without compromising business processes. Recruitment decisions can be made remotely if your business forecasts a spike in demand.

Tips to Help You Run Your Business from the Beach


If you are not in the office to run things, the best thing to do is find someone you can leave in charge. So, when planning to run your business outside the office, the first thing is to delegate core organizational functions. It would be best to find individuals you can trust and give them specific instructions on running operations.

Reporting and Communication

You must develop a reliable communication channel to help share information. Tools like Slack allow you to stay connected with your team regardless of location. A clear and frequent reporting schedule will help you notice problems from a distance and give you enough time to address them.


Strategy is a critical aspect most senior executives ignore when planning to go on vacation. However, creating a strategy for when you will be away might help you see the bigger picture for your operations. Instead of viewing your beach time as a time to get away from the office, you can utilize it to know what is next. Take it as an opportunity to tap into your thought process and identify ways you can maximize productivity and efficiency.


Provided you remain organized, you can effectively run your business from the beach (or anywhere, frankly). The ERP, CRM, and team messaging tools mentioned in this article will make your supervision and collaboration easier. You can use the shared information to guarantee business continuity and success as you work from the beach.

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