How Do You Expand

How Do You Expand

Over the last few years, many companies have adopted the use of Salesforce, a cloud-based CRM platform designed to streamline sales and marketing processes. It is effective in helping businesses manage customer data, marketing campaigns, and sales operations. In fact, a company looking to automate sales processes, enhance customer engagement, and track its growth is better off using

Besides customer relationship management, other processes, such as accounting and logistics, keep the business running—this is where GoldFinch ERP comes in. Picture expanding your Salesforce instance easily to include accounting and enterprise resource planning. GoldFinch is an ERP tool built on the Salesforce platform. That means you get all your company’s information under one accessible system anytime. This unified system prepares you to address your customers’ needs while boosting overall efficiency.

Why You Should Expand Salesforce

As a business owner, you’re probably interested in knowing what you stand to gain by expanding your Salesforce instance to include accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionalities. Here are some benefits.

Quick Onboarding Process

One of the challenges of adopting new technology is the training needed to get everyone on board. In most cases, employees won’t know how to navigate the latest technology you have just presented. That means allocating time and resources to training. However, if your company already uses Salesforce, this is not something to worry about.

As we have mentioned, GoldFinch is built on the powerful Salesforce platform. As such, your employees are already familiar with that ecosystem. GoldFinch ERP isn’t very different. You’ll have everything up and running within no time with employees who know how to navigate the system.

Built-In Accounting System

Are you tired of expensive and complex third-party accounting systems that don’t seem to serve all your needs? GoldFinch has an inbuilt accounting system that integrates with all aspects of your business. The tool gives you control over your financial data through real-time insights, allowing you to make informed decisions. The native accounting system handles invoices, manages expenses, and tracks transactions, ensuring error-free reporting. This tool gives you and your team more time to focus on essential things.

Unified Platform for Diverse Operations

Another benefit of expanding your Salesforce offering to include ERP is getting all your business operations under one roof, not just customer relations. This platform can manage diverse operations like HR, inventory, and shipping. For example, GoldFinch ERP’s HR functionalities allow you to manage employee data, performance reviews, payroll, and benefits. This integration makes it easier to see how employees are doing, which connects to how well the business is doing. As a result, it helps in making crucial business decisions. For example, the data about how well sales are doing in Salesforce can be linked with information about how employees perform from the system’s HR part.

Business owners also get real-time visibility into inventory levels, essential for inventory management. Tracking stock levels, forecasting inventory, and managing orders more accurately become more manageable. This ensures the sales team has the latest information about product availability, which is vital for improving customer satisfaction and providing an efficient sales process.

Enhanced Cohesive Reporting

Expanding Salesforce to include accounting and ERP functionalities enhances cohesive reporting in many ways. For starters, you get one platform that consolidates all your data in real-time, including financial data, sales metrics, operational details, and customer information. This eliminates the need to gather and correlate data from different sources, thus streamlining the reporting process.

In addition, expanding Salesforce allows for customizable reporting. You can tailor reports to combine different data sets. For example, you can customize the reporting to get sales trends alongside inventory levels. Such customization allows for relevant reporting. With enhanced data reporting comes improved decision-making. Cohesive reporting gives business owners a comprehensive view of the business, including financial operations and customer-related aspects. This facilitates informed decision-making, strategic planning, and identifying areas that should be improved.

Improved Data Security

It’s expected to be concerned about your company’s data when upgrading software you have used for years. Fortunately, this isn’t something for you to worry about when expanding Salesforce to include ERP. Salesforce is famous for its robust security features, including user authentication and data encryption. Since GoldFinch ERP has been built on the Salesforce platform, when you expand Salesforce, you extend that level of security to additional data and processes.

In addition, Salesforce usually updates the platform to maintain compliance and address security threats. These security updates will also extend to your additional data. There is also the aspect of reduced human error, thanks to automation of processes. Research has found that human error is one of the causes of data breaches. Now, imagine you have automated most procedures, including inventory management. You reduce the amount of work to be done by humans, ensuring data is transferred securely through systems.

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How to Expand Your Salesforce Instance to Include Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning

By now, you probably know that GoldFinch ERP is your go-to solution when looking to expand your Salesforce. It integrates crucial business operations like accounting and ERP into a familiar platform and ensures a seamless transition, enhanced reporting, and superior data security. All this is important for the efficient and secure running of business operations.

That said, one of the important things to remember when expanding Salesforce is your business requirements. What ERP functionalities do you need? This includes financial accounting, inventory management, human resources, and supply chain management.

The team of experts at GoldFinch is ready to listen to your needs and help you expand Salesforce in a way that will benefit your company. In addition, we offer continuous support even after you have already integrated our ERP with Salesforce to ensure your team benefits from the expansion.

What are you waiting for? Are you a user of Salesforce and want to expand to enjoy ERP capabilities? Contact the GoldFinch team to help you get started.

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