How an ERP Solution Can Improve Customer Service

The only way a customer-centric business will succeed is by providing its customers with excellent customer service. Companies realize this and have started shifting their focus to the customers and ensuring their customers have a wonderful experience. Businesses must learn to make themselves stand out from the crowd to survive, and the best way to do this is in the level of customer service they offer.

Remember that good customer service can\’t be achieved by one department. Everyone must work together to ensure customers have a great experience. In fact, one study indicated that 92% of companies believe that customer experience is the great differentiator

You\’ve probably heard that the customer is always right. Since customers have become educated and empowered and demand better prices and customer service, it\’s become critical to make sure they are happy. However, it\’s a struggle for some companies to make this happen.

And, this is where an ERP solution can help. A modern ERP solution works well for small businesses and large organizations and can help improve customer service. If your business is floundering, implementing an ERP solution can help. This article will explore six ways that an ERP solution can enhance your customer service.

An ERP System Improves Customer Handling

Since ERP is an integrated system, there is only one database. When all departments have access to the same data, there\’s no confusion or disagreement related to the data, and customers receive the same information no matter which department they contact. There will also be no discrepancy with the products. According to some experts, one of the main reasons companies adopt ERP software is to improve customer service

An ERP System Manages Orders and Ensures Timely Delivery

Chances are you are already aware of this (but it bears repeating); there\’s so much more to customer service than simply providing a quality product. You must provide that product at a fair price and deliver it within the promised time frame.

According to research, though delivery is the last step in the process, customers view it as essential.

Since your ERP solution contains all the pertinent details regarding the product, inventory, and customer in one database, it provides genuine delivery commitments. All of these details are brought together to ensure the customer receives the order on time when the order is placed.

If a customer receives outdated stock or their favorite product is out of stock, they will be disappointed. However, an ERP solution can keep your inventory in check, which means customers will always have access to fresh supplies when they want them.

An ERP System Increases Customer Retention

Your customer is an asset to your company- so you must treat them well to keep them around. According to one study, 68% of customers stated they would leave if they felt like a company was indifferent to them. Research also shows that it\’s a lot less expensive to maintain your current customer base than it does to recruit new ones.

An ERP system holds all of the records related to the customer and can help you understand the life cycle management of their assets. An ERP gives you access to the customers\’ details, which means you can better answer any questions.

Integrating your ERP with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution can further your customer details.

Plus, accurate inventory information allows you to meet delivery deadlines based on the customers\’ expectations. This results in higher customer satisfaction, which means they\’re more likely to stay, and you don\’t have to invest in additional marketing efforts to find new customers.

An ERP System Keeps Prices Competitive

No matter what industry you\’re in, today\’s market is flooded with competition. Meaning your customers have options. They don\’t have to buy your product; they can buy one from a competitor if the price is right. Ensuring that your prices remain competitive is vital.

According to one study, 78% of internet users take the time to do their research online before they buy a product. They take the time to compare prices and services offered by several different companies. 

ERP keeps prices competitive because it reduces the work involved in keeping track of inventory, which means decreased manufacturing costs. Better operations result in improved customer service.

Additionally, an ERP can manage the price fluctuations due to order type, size, and market demand. If you can manage to offer quality goods at a lower price than your competitor, you will retain your current customers and attract new ones.

An ERP system gives you an edge over your competitors.

An ERP System Provides Efficient Resolution of Questions/Concerns

An ERP system can help you monitor your customers\’ behavior and other pertinent information. One of the most critical parts of customer service is answering their questions/concerns. According to research, around 84% of customers become frustrated if a representative cannot answer their questions/concerns.

Therefore, you must offer a one-time solution to your customers. An ERP allows agents to provide better resolutions since they can access previous interactions with the customer. You are preventing them from going over the same information repeatedly. They can see what was previously discussed and discover other options available.


A customer-centric business depends on the opinions of its customers to survive in today\’s market. As long as the customers are happy, the company will generate revenue. If the customers are unhappy, they will take their money elsewhere, which means the company that lost the customers suffers. However, you don\’t have to let this happen to you! As you can see, an ERP system, such as Goldfinch ERP, can help you improve your customer service.

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