Getting Over the Fear of Switching Software

The thought of change does not sit well with everybody. Most employees of small businesses insist on operations remaining the same to avoid getting them out of their comfort zone. Switching software is also a scary move for business administration as it seems like it introduces many uncertainties to the firm\’s future.

It is common to fear change but focusing on the guaranteed benefits might make the decision easier. Remember that sticking to your current systems will put your workforce in a stagnant comfort zone and limit your business from achieving its true potential. Read on to understand why most small businesses fear switching software and the benefits associated with ERP implementation.

What are the Fears Keeping You from Switching Software?

Fear of Not Being in Control

Switching to modern and updated software is an investment. Most companies do not see the need to integrate these modern systems since they believe the price is significantly higher than the guaranteed benefits. They find sticking to their current way of operations better than paying money and ending up in situations they think they cannot control.

These companies do not understand that implementing the right ERP system will fix all the gaps in their operations and improve functioning. There may be a cost for installation, but it won\’t be long before your business starts benefiting. The fear of being out of control should not restrict you from switching to more effective software.

Fear of Where to Start

Some business owners procrastinate switching to modern software because they claim not to have enough time for the implementation. They may claim not to have time to research and discover the right professionals for ERP implementation. However, if you are a proactive manager, you will make time for such projects since they are effective business investments.

Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is another reason small businesses shy away from switching software. Most companies continue to use outdated programs because they fear the future and are afraid things may not work out. However, implementing the ideal ERP software minimizes the risk of failure in your business by pulling together all company information.

By switching to modern software, you are better positioned to view the bigger picture. Take your time to focus on the implementation and consultants if you want to reap the benefits early. It could be that your fear is what is holding your business back.

Fear of Change

Change often removes you from your comfort zone. However, nobody likes changing their routine, even if it is terrible. Understandably, you may feel the need to avoid the work that comes with changing your software. But remember that your competitors are already using ERP systems. It would be wise to implement the latest systems to try and gain a competitive edge instead of being withheld by your fear of changing software.

How to Overcome the Fear of Switching Software in Your Business

Be Understanding

An understanding manager is crucial in the switching software transition. Although there are deadlines to be met, try to be consciously aware of how your employees react to the change. It would be best to start with minor adjustments instead of changing the entire system overnight. You will build trust between all the stakeholders, eradicate fear, and make room for a successful transition.


Communicating also helps your employees overcome the fear of switching software in your business. Ensure you provide all concerned individuals with correct information about the upcoming changes to maintain a transparent environment. Repeat yourself if need be. According to neuroscience, information sinks in deeper when heard more than once. You are also open to using visuals to explain complex concepts.

Enforce Positive Vocabulary

You can use vocabulary to motivate your employees and paint a positive picture to facilitate the success of your transition and get over the fear. Consider using positive wording in your statements to drive your team towards more successful outcomes. Instead of using it as a means to an end, why not paint a bright future and let your team work towards meeting the set objectives.

Celebrate Your Milestones

Another practical approach to overcoming the fear of switching software is creating a favorable environment for change. Celebrating every milestone during the change process will help motivate your employees and create a positive experience. It slowly develops into a habit of successful outcomes as their bodies crave more and more serotonin.

How Will My Business Benefit from Switching Software?

Your business stands to gain a lot from switching to modern business management software. Investing in the ideal ERP system gives you a better view of your business operations and helps you make more informed decisions. It centralizes your business data, makes it easy to identify business problems, and helps solve the issues contributing to customer dissatisfaction.

Modern software also promotes cooperation within your business. Departments can easily communicate, share data, and maximize productivity by eliminating repetitive and wasteful procedures. Inventory control also improves since ERP software handles record-keeping, supply chains, orders, and services. Tightened security and compliance regulations are additional benefits that should encourage you to overcome the fear of switching software.

How Will My Business Run During the Change?

Business owners considering a software change are always concerned about their business operations during the transition. It would be best to understand that it will take some time before your employees become proficient with using the new software. It would help to schedule the transition when the work environment is relaxed. Invest in quality training and have realistic expectations to help maintain operations and avoid stressing your employees when changing software.


The fear of switching software is familiar to most small business owners. However, those who find the courage to overcome these fears can attest to the improvements witnessed. Software like Salesforce CRM and GoldFinch ERP aggregate your data, providing a clear picture of where the business stands and the corrective steps to take.

It\’s now time to modernize your software platforms. Not sure where to start? Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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