Enhancing Salesforce Commerce Cloud Inventory Controls

The relevance of ERP and CRM systems in modern businesses is significantly increasing. Companies seek to use these channels to achieve a competitive edge in their industry and maximize customer satisfaction. You can integrate a CRM system into your ERP function to increase productivity, attract customers, and retain existing ones. Our article focuses on the many benefits of integrating GoldFinch ERP into your Salesforce Commerce Cloud to help manage inventory better.

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows businesses to unify their functions and engage with their customers through a cloud-based service. The platforms’ primary purpose is to enable stores and consumers to provide satisfactory customer service and experience in every interaction. Here is how Salesforce Commerce Cloud achieves its objectives.

Omnichannel Customer Journey

Businesses should create a uniform customer journey that allows buyers to place an order successfully. The Commerce Cloud from Salesforce provides retailers with an omnichannel customer journey that guarantees a common experience for all customers. Regardless of whether you access the firm’s website with a phone or computer, buyers can experience policy-wise and technology-wise customer service.

Data Integration

The need for customer data is at an all-time high for all businesses. They can use this information to learn more about their customers and how they can improve their products to increase satisfaction. Salesforce Commerce Cloud promotes enterprises to make more informed decisions about the company’s future and how they can double profits. Social and multimedia-based data can identify consumer profiles and preferences and predict future behaviors.

Positive Customer Experience

Your consumers are guaranteed a better shopping experience if you invest in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The data collected can be used to tailor service provision to what will produce maximum satisfaction for the consumer. The end goal is to provide a positive and engaging customer experience.

Why Use an ERP Solution?

Sales & Back-Office Process Consolidation

A significant benefit of integrating an ERP system into your business is the process consolidation for your sales and back-office teams. The system facilitates the collection of information from various areas on your e-commerce platform and consolidates it in a centralized space. Companies dealing with multiple products and services benefit most as data is available in one place.

ERP also handles organizing the information collected. You can effortlessly find specific documents and develop helpful insights by accessing the primary storage server. It helps maintain accuracy and streamlines several functions within your business.

Increased Productivity

Operational productivity increase is another valid reason businesses consider ERP and CRM integration in their functions. The system increases productivity by connecting the various work departments and automates inter-departmental information exchange. You will spend less time verifying data accuracy and human errors, allowing you to optimize your workflows even further.

Revenue Increase

A common goal for all firms is to increase revenue. Companies should consider ERP solutions as an approach to increasing their income, and there are several that help. The implicit benefits associated with automation and increased productivity are popular ways an ERP solution helps. Your employees have more time to spare when certain business functions become automated.

There is more to gain from ERP solutions than there is to lose. According to research by Nucleus, a business earns $7.23 for every $1 spent on an ERP system. The revenue benefits from implementing Salesforce ERP in your business outweigh all the implementation costs.

Customer Relationships Improvement

Integrating ERP systems with CRM into your business operations gives you a better opportunity to improve your relationship with your customers. Clever ERP solutions accommodate an internal CRM function while others do not. The CRM capability in most ERP systems creates a central source of customer information and allows you to gain helpful insights into improving customer relationships.

You can also consider specialized CRM software that marries well with your current operations. GoldFinch ERP and Salesforce CRM are two tools that are significantly effective when paired together. You can use them to enhance your inventory management alongside other business operations.

Streamlines Business Operations

Considering process and project visualization is essential when considering an ERP solution. Not all solutions offer customizable dashboards with information related to project status, labor allocation, and finances. All these effectively streamline your operations within the business and help management identify potential strengths and weaknesses.

How Will ERP Help Manage Inventory?

There are multiple ways GoldFinch with Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help manage your inventory better and more efficiently. When paired with the right tools, your ERP system provides accurate inventory records and costs from different locations in real-time. You can view all the information and summary of transactions, analyze the data and make informed inventory decisions.

The tracking and traceability feature provided by ERP solutions helps manage inventory. The system emphasizes the need for a lot of serial number tracking for more straightforward automation, record keeping, and tracking. You can see all the completed orders and have a detailed history of all your inventory transactions.

Integrating GoldFinch and Salesforce into your operations provides your business with a flexible inventory management protocol. The features provided promote inventory management by assigning attributes to items in the inventory to help classification. You can use the ABC analysis strategy to record cycle counts and create a space for a customer-owned list.

What to Consider When Settling on an ERP Solution

Several elements must be considered before settling on an ERP solution for your business, and customer relationship management is one area to focus on. This function plays a heavy role for e-commerce companies, and an ideal ERP solution will help find strategies to retain more customers. Did you know that recruiting a new customer is five times more expensive than retaining one?

How the ERP system handles your financial information is another significant consideration. The system should guarantee to protect your data and provide realistic forecasting models to help grow your business. Inventory management and logistics are other considerations in identifying worthy ERP solutions.


The Salesforce Commerce Cloud plus GoldFinch ERP makes the perfect tool if your business is ready to boost its online sales. Pairing your CRM system with worthy ERP software like GoldFinch helps grow your e-commerce business by enhancing inventory control and other functions.

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