Empowering Custom Product Configurations with ERP

Most manufacturing companies with different custom products use product configuration software to streamline processes. Firms use this tool to help customers find and implement compatible configurations. It also proves valuable in reducing errors, simplifying visualizations, and optimizing quotations and pricing.

The product configurator software is often part of your CPQ platform. However, you can also consider the configurator in ERPs like GoldFinch for improved functionality and productivity.

Here is how modern manufacturers use ERP to empower their custom product configurations.

What Is a Product Configurator?

Manufacturers understand the importance of a product configurator in their daily processes. The software portrays the product rules the user should execute to create an optimized product. You must define the rules before sending any order to production.

Product configuration is the interactive process where you choose features, validate them using a config rules engine, and save the parameters in the system. A configurator simplifies this process by hiding the complexities involved in product construction and validation. It also helps transform traditional product inquiries into auto-generated, real-time estimates, bills of materials, and product descriptions.

What Features Make an Ideal Product Configurator Software?

There are several firms offering product configurators, from CPQ to ERP providers. Many service providers make it challenging to land the most reliable and affordable partner. Here are some of the features to look out for when appraising product configurators:

Visual Product Configuration

You must find a product configurator that features a visual product configuration. It is a powerful tool allowing users to self-select configuration options and view the results immediately in 2D or 3D space.

Opting for modern software allows dynamic updates of any product and sale element, from base options, upgrades, add-ons to discounts. Most buyers also prefer the elevated visual product configuration experience, hence the need for manufacturers to implement the software in their processes.

Flexible Product Rules Engine

The rules engine defines the parameters and conditions for proper product configuration, pricing, and output. It would help to note the rules engine featured in most CPQs cannot handle complex product rules since they use basic filtering, bundling, and custom scripts.

When looking for a product configurator, you must pay the most attention to analyzing the rules engine. It would help to consider ERP vendors over CPQ as their rules engines are simple to administer and maintain and don’t require special training.

Integration with Other Business Systems

The ideal product configuration software should not operate in a silo. The software must have the necessary APIs and connectors for more straightforward data mapping, simplified integration with other systems, and real-time synchrony. The software should prove effective with the data you bring and send out.

Sales Automation

Product configuration significantly streamlines the production process while aiding critical areas in sales. It helps with dynamic pricing, workflows, and auto-generated proposals. Your system must facilitate these three functions to effectively deliver sales automation in your firm.

Why Do You Need a Product Configurator?

Product configurators provide a practical approach for companies to streamline their product development process effectively. However, not all manufacturers understand software’s significance in their operations. Here is why your business needs an ideal product configurator:

Streamlining Visualization

One of the main reasons you need a product configurator in your company is to optimize your design process. The software allows you to create compelling 3D models with different product materials, options, and add-ons. The visualizations help build the perfect real-time product model without wasting resources.

Minimizes Errors

Reworks are expected when developing products. However, most companies fail to see how frequently reworks waste their resources. These extensive alterations and makeovers take up a lot of time while demanding equipment, materials, and labor.

A product configurator minimizes errors in your product manufacturing process by using predefined rules. It reduces human error risk during manufacturing and makes you spend less on product development.

Reduces Project Completion Time

You will likely complete your custom product development projects faster using a product configurator. The software captures all the customer information as they browse and customize items to their preferences.

The collected information allows manufacturers to automate the quote-to-production process while efficiently using available resources. It also helps cut down lead times, allowing you to enjoy significant cost savings.

Optimizes Quotation and Pricing in the CPQ Process

Designing the perfect product is invaluable if you don’t find reasonable pricing. The product configurator helps optimize your product pricing technique by allowing you to set special prices for each product feature.

It also helps you make accurate quotes and adjust the figures correctly since the buyers specify their preferences on the software. Setting the right price increases your commodity’s value and conveys the right message to your audience.

Why GoldFinch Product Configurator

GoldFinch ERP is among the most popular software among manufacturers. The platform introduced a product configurator to help streamline the manufacturing and distribution of custom products. It would help to note that GoldFinch ERP does more than the Salesforce CPQ.

GoldFinch can handle nine options when configuring and designing your custom products. Manufacturers can use the various options available to build and optimize their products using the configurator. It also allows for intelligence as you progress through the hierarchy. If you are a manufacturing-focused business building custom products with various configurations, you need the GoldFinch product configurator.


Firms that include product configurators in their product development efforts see increased customer satisfaction and profitability. Finding a powerful configurator to handle your needs and work demands would be best. The ideal solution must be comprehensive to cover all the involved processes, from design to sales. The product configurator in GoldFinch ERP is among the best prospects to consider for your practice.

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