Consolidate Your Applications Using Salesforce

Modern companies have several building blocks, and a firm\’s database is one. The database significantly impacts activities flow, existing stakeholders\’ relationships, and the business\’s overall success. Its significance in company operations is that business owners find it practical to adopt customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning techniques for improved productivity.

Tools like Salesforce offer various services that help your business optimize its operations and guarantee more productive relationships. The platform allows users to consolidate their application data into a standard system, providing an accurate view of relationships and transactions in the workforce. Significant benefits associated with integrating Salesforce into your operations are increasing visibility of customer communications and maximizing accuracy in your database. Read on to learn more about how to use Salesforce to consolidate your apps and other significant platform features.

What is Salesforce?

Given its success, it\’s highly likely you\’re already a Salesforce user. However, for the uninitiated, Salesforce is a popular CRM tool favored by most organizations to support their sales and marketing teams globally. The platform allows firms to use cloud computing to connect with shareholders, partners, and potential customers. Businesses also get to consolidate their applications across different departments. Instead of using several applications for operations, Salesforce makes it possible to have all your data in one application.

Why Your Business Should Consolidate its Database

Increased Security

The internet opens many doors for your business, exposing your operations to more risks. Cybersecurity is a significant concern for companies that invest in technological advancements in their operations. Consolidating your data using Salesforce will help secure your IT strategy and lower the risks of cyberattacks.

Since fewer applications require management, it becomes easier to enforce security. Another way the platform helps improve safety is by reducing access points to your company data. It helps reduce the most exploitable vulnerabilities in your system. Your team can easily monitor and react to potential threats before causing damage.

Reduced Costs

Before platforms like Salesforce, organizations used to handle CRM and ERP internally, which proved expensive. The main reason it was expensive was that each application and strategy consumed resources. However, CRM platforms reduce these costs using combined databases to use fewer resources and yield greater efficiency.

Ease of Access

Another reason you need to consider consolidating your applications using Salesforce is the accessibility advantages. Your workforce will have a more straightforward task of retrieving company information from shared data. Using separate databases might prove ideal in specific scenarios but is unreliable in information retrieval. It is even more difficult in prominent and established firms.

Separate databases also indicate the lack of a strategic data architecture in your organization. As your business grows, so do its departments and the data they handle. These different departments change their databases without the need to consult other departments. It can create a chaotic environment where information is out of sync.

Helps with Data Recovery

Companies lose data every day, and the best you can do for your business is to prepare. One preparation technique that will guarantee an effective recovery strategy is investing in a data consolidation program. The function ensures your data is protected, backed up, and has a reliable recovery system.

Some may argue that consolidating your apps is like putting all your eggs in one basket. However, it benefits your firm more. It streamlines recovery, minimizes maintenance costs, and guarantees peace of mind during a disaster. It would be best to consider a robust disaster recovery strategy by investing in the right tools.

How to Consolidate Your Applications Using Salesforce

The Salesforce platform allows developers to create custom apps in the Salesforce environment. These custom apps prove ideal for improving efficiency in your business. The platform\’s primary purpose is to manage customer data and provide a simplified UI to access company records.

While consolidation can take many forms, popular solutions include adding GoldFinch ERP to your Salesforce instance to expand into enterprise resource planning or ERP or adding Accounting Seed to manage the finances behind your goods and services.

Why is Salesforce the Best CRM?

Strategic Acquisitions

The enhanced capabilities of the Salesforce platform come from its wise acquisition policy. The platform made several successful purchases from 2006 that increased the services offered and improved service delivery. One significant purchase was ExactTarget in 2013, which elevated marketing automation for the platform.

Diversified Offerings

Modern organizations find SaaS strategies effective in the enterprise space. Salesforce helps firms increase proficiency in on-demand software and helps minimize costs without compromising service delivery. Customers improve their sales and enhance communication through several programs offered by the platform. They include:

  • Salesforce chatter
  • Sales cloud
  • Service cloud applications

Vision and Execution

Another factor contributing to Salesforce being at the top is its vision and execution. The platform guarantees a complete long-term vision that ensures high execution capabilities for all its users. This software helps firms realize their true potential and has been the leading CRM tool.

Is It Difficult to Learn Salesforce?

Learning how to use the Salesforce platform is not complicated. However, it may take some time to understand the extensive software. It features over 800 applications to help businesses realize their objectives. It would be best to consider taking up an online training course or finding a mentor to walk you through for a smooth experience.

For the most efficient onboarding, it would be wise to speak with our support team here at GoldFinch—we\’re experts at Salesforce!

Final Thoughts

Consolidating your applications is a good idea for any firm. Tools like Salesforce allow your organization to use SaaS to increase productivity through customer relations. And there is a lot to gain through data consolidation. Try to integrate it into your operations with intelligent ERP, finance, shipping solutions, and more; it may be what your business needs to succeed.

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