Connecting Your Global Distribution Locations Through One Platform

Connecting Your Global Distribution Locations Through One Platform

Operating a business from one region is already challenging. Now, picture managing a business with multiple distribution locations across the globe. This becomes even more complex. That said, many manufacturing companies have distribution locations in different places. How do they do it?

And this is where Enterprise Resource Planning comes in. ERP is designed to help businesses manage all their distribution locations under one integrated platform. Companies can automate processes, gain real-time visibility of all operations, and make insightful decisions. Keep reading to understand how a platform like GoldFinch ERP can help you connect your global distribution locations.

What is the Role of ERP in Connecting Your Global Distributions Locations

International manufacturers need an ERP system to integrate all their operations under one platform for efficient running. They need a platform that will handle the operations of multiple places and meet the requirements of different regions. Let’s look at how you can benefit from using an ERP if you have multiple distribution locations.

Centralized Database

An ERP system merges all business data into a single database, allowing all distribution locations to access and share real-time information. For example, you may be a distributor of pharmaceutical products with locations in different regions like China, the US, and the UK. Suppose the distribution location in the UK is running low on inventory. In that case, sharing this information on one platform where the responsible parties will see and take the necessary action is easy.

The benefit of this is eliminating data inconsistencies and inaccuracies across the company. With a single database, improved reporting allows companies to communicate effectively and plan and budget for their operations.

Multi-Language Support

If you’re running an international food distribution business, you may have employees who speak different languages. Language barriers can prevent effective communication among international teams and lead to misinterpretation of information.

An ERP system with multi-lingual support allows different distributors to interact with the system in their language. This promotes an inclusive work environment, data integrity, and eliminates potential mistakes caused by language inconsistencies.

Multi-Currency Support

An international pharmaceutical company operating in different regions will have additional currency requirements. A great ERP system with multi-currency support ensures the management of foreign currencies globally. If you’re based in the US with distribution locations in the UK, UAE, and China, you must manage currencies in these countries. With a solid ERP, it becomes easier to do that.

In addition, as much as these distribution centers may be independent corporations in the countries they reside in, in the end, a business has to consolidate its finances at the top level. A multi-currency ERP allows a company to aggregate its financial data to understand its financial health better.

Supply Chain Management

When running an international business, supply chain visibility is an important aspect you shouldn’t take for granted. Luckily, an ERP system integrated with supply chain management features helps optimize the movement of products across your distribution network. It will monitor demand, track inventory levels, and help the company plan for the transportation of goods in ample time, reducing lead time.

Real-Time Visibility

An ERP system provides real-time visibility into the business’s processes and operations. Employees and managers from different global locations can access updated information on production schedules, order statuses, inventory levels, and financial data. This visibility improves coordination among sites and promotes better decision-making.

Mobile Device Support

A sound ERP system brings convenience to your business through mobile device support. That means you and your employees can access the platform through your phones. This makes work more accessible as a phone is easier to carry than a tablet or computer.

Just from the palms of your hands, you can track inventory across different locations, streamline distribution processes, and make informed decisions on the go. Your team can collaborate effortlessly, leading to productivity and excellent customer service.

Global Compliance

When running a food manufacturing business, you need to comply with many sets of regulations. Running an international company is even more challenging because you must adhere to laws and regulations from different regions. The rules that apply to you in a country like the UK won’t be the same rules that apply to you in the US or China.

An ERP system helps you adhere to local and international requirements, whether it’s through taxes, reporting, or compliance with the law. It ensures that your operations in different areas align with regional legal requirements.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Another use of an ERP is in data analytics and reporting, helping you analyze the data from all global locations at a central platform. You can use the platform to generate sales performance for different sites and make data-driven decisions. Through reports on customer behavior and inventory turnover, you can better understand what’s happening in other regions.

Connecting Global Distribution Locations with GoldFinch ERP

GoldFinch ERP is your solution to connecting your business with multiple distribution locations across the globe. It enhances team collaboration where users can share information effectively, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or data loss.

The ERP can be tailored to a business’s needs, enabling you to coordinate and streamline your supply chain activities. Here are some of the features of GoldFinch that make it an excellent tool for connecting your business with global distribution locations:

  • Cloud-based that enhances accessibility, allowing your team to view information from anywhere in the world.
  • Scalability: As your business expands to multiple locations, the ERP can accommodate the growing zones, additional users, and data volumes, ensuring your business adapts to the changing needs.
  • Reliable mobile apps that help you and your team automate your data, streamline warehouse operations, and improve customer service.
  • Supports multi-lingual and multi-currency
  • Helps with international compliance issues


If you’re running a business with distribution locations across the globe, you need to understand the importance of connecting all operations under one roof. Consider integrating an ERP like GoldFinch to streamline your global processes.

Have more questions? Ready to dive deeper? Chat with one of our ERP specialists today.

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