Vendor Management

Tracking Landed Costs with Enterprise Resource Planning

Your company must track and manage its landed costs to remain competitive in the complex logistics environment. Tracking landed costs ensures companies dealing with imported materials for manufacturing know their total costs, improving profitability and price margin determination. Integrating the right ERP solution will help manufacturers and distributors calculate landed costs more efficiently. Here is

10 Things You May Not Know About ERP

10 Things You May Not Know About ERP The need for an ERP system in companies seeking to grow and streamline their operations is significantly increasing. Your ERP penetrates virtually all processes in the organization, promoting departmental collaboration and teamwork. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business solution integrating different departments and adding efficiencies to

Maintaining Raw Materials Quality with ERP

You should consider implementing the best ERP solution to ensure your company uses high-quality raw materials in its process. Not adhering to food and beverage industry compliance standards will expose your business to operational shutdowns and financial losses. Here is how you can use ERP to improve efficiency in how your company handles the receipt

Co-Packer Management With ERP

Manufacturing companies deal with several processes in converting raw materials to finished products. Packing is one of them and determines what you will present and deliver to your customers. Established brands prefer having a specialized packing company, a co-packer, to help dress the product in its final selling form. The advantages of having a co-packer

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