Salesforce AppExchange

Using Virtual Support to Reduce In-Person Field Service Visits

You can significantly reduce in-person field visits by introducing an effective Cloud solution that leverages enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer resource management (CRM). Features like video and self-service support scheduling help simplify significant roles in every organization. Read on to learn how to use virtual support to reduce in-person field visits in your business. Digital Scheduling

Securing Your Data with ERP

There are dozens of perks related to integrating an effective ERP system into your operation, including data security benefits. A cloud-based ERP system significantly improves all aspects of your business by providing a secure and accessible off-site storage location. This article discusses the security benefits of storing your data in the cloud using an ERP

ERP Is Your Business Health Monitor

How ERP Helps Monitor Business Health ERP eliminates all struggles related to data management in your business, ensuring your data is accurate and valuable. The system automatically records and processes your information, reducing exposure to human errors or external interference. Automating most functions allows employees to spend less time keying in and analyzing data. Promotes

Running Your Business from the Beach

It is common for leaders to shrink away from taking holidays due to the fear of their business collapsing. However, thanks to technology, you can effectively run your business operations even in your absence. You can typically oversee communications and working practices using tools like Salesforce, GoldFinch, and Slack suite. Read on as we explain

Managing Non-Profit Donor Contributions

Organizations can use the tools to keep track of their ever-growing membership, contributions, and other donor contributions data. This article touches on why it is crucial to manage non-profit donor contributions and how you can use the available tools to increase efficiency. To Create a Comfortable Environment for Donors According to a recent survey, most

Enhancing Salesforce Commerce Cloud Inventory Controls

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud? Omnichannel Customer Journey Data Integration Positive Customer Experience Why Use an ERP Solution? A significant benefit of integrating an ERP system into your business is the process consolidation for your sales and back-office teams. The system facilitates the collection of information from various areas on your e-commerce platform and consolidates

Salesforce AppExchange is Amazing and Here’s Why

The powerful and praised Salesforce cloud platform has their own “AppExchange” app repository and we think it’s amazing. With the ability to extend your Salesforce instance with tools that increase productivity and efficiency, and do so with ease, I think you’re going to find it quite amazing, too. Let’s take an in-depth look. What is

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