Serving with Purpose: Maximizing the Impact of Nonprofit Medically Tailored Meal Programs

Serving with Purpose: Maximizing the Impact of Nonprofit Medically Tailored Meal Programs

Nonprofit food distribution organizations are faced with several challenges in their daily operations. They need to record all food donations and ensure the products don’t pass their expiration dates while ensuring you have inventory for upcoming events. Luckily, modern ERPs have all the necessary tools and features to maximize your distribution. Implementing an ERP like GoldFinch helps

Debunking 8 Non-Profit Myths

Knowledge of non-profits and their operations is widely misunderstood across the globe despite easy access to information. If you get to ask around randomly, you’d be surprised by some of the things people have to say about non-profits. Some believe that all non-profit employees aren’t paid, while others think the organizations don’t make a profit.

Supporter, Donor, and Volunteer Management for Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit requires effectively managing several stakeholders, from donors to volunteers. Automation is the best approach to coordinate and manage all these parties while maximizing effectiveness and efficiency. You can integrate GoldFinch ERP, Salesforce, and Xledger into your nonprofit to streamline internal operations and stakeholder management. Here is more on how the three platforms

Automating Non-Profit Financial Reporting

Non-profits are famous for their dedication to making the world better using passionate and committed staff. However, they can only do so much with limited resources and recurring challenges. One practical approach to streamlining operations in a non-profit is automating critical functions like financial reporting. This article explains the perks of financial reporting automation and

Managing Non-Profit Donor Contributions

Organizations can use the tools to keep track of their ever-growing membership, contributions, and other donor contributions data. This article touches on why it is crucial to manage non-profit donor contributions and how you can use the available tools to increase efficiency. To Create a Comfortable Environment for Donors According to a recent survey, most

How to Control Product Recalls with ERP

One of the essential tasks in manufacturing is managing, and limiting product recalls. One of the ways you can do this is through quality manufacturing-focused ERP software. Product recalls can substantially impact your business, so you must prepare in advance for them. In a competitive market, companies that can control their product recalls are the ones

Wrangling Your Manufacturing Supply Chain with ERP

Many businesses are learning the benefits of Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP software. It serves various functions, including managing business info, ensuring optimal operational efficiency, and integrating multiple systems/working processes. Supply Chain Management, or SCM, is one of those processes. SCM is the need to interact with suppliers and partners to obtain raw materials and resources

Managing Your Cosmetics & Personal Care Business

In 2019, the cosmetics and personal care market size was valued at $380.2 billion, and by 2027, it\’s projected to reach $463.5 billion. For many people, cosmetics have become an essential part of their lifestyle. That being said, a lot is involved in managing a cosmetics and personal care business, and an ERP system can help. Here\’s how:

The Magic of Mobile ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning software, or ERP, is a solution that allows businesses to streamline and automate processes, covering all aspects of the company. The secret behind many successful business owners is the efficiency of a mobile ERP solution. The ERP handles their \”heavy lifting.\” There are obvious benefits associated with ERP for any business, but popular

Supercharging E-Commerce with Commerce Cloud and ERP

As online businesses are flourishing and brick and mortar retailers are becoming less common, Commerce Cloud and ERP e-commerce functionality is becoming more relevant than ever. By integrating your e-commerce platform with an ERP solution, you can increase productivity, retain current customers and reach new ones, boost revenue, and more!  In this article, we\’ll take a closer look at the benefits

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