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Why Your Business Should Support Prepayments

In business, as in our personal lives, we incur expenses. Expenses are an unavoidable reality when operating any organization. While \”expenses\” often connote something negative, as it\’s the opposite of revenue, there are many ways to turn that frown upside down.  Prepayment Benefits Wise business owners and those in the financial suite find creative ways

5 Ways to Manage Supply Chain Delays

From the business owner to the consumer, it seems everyone these days feels the pinch from supply chain delays. Supply chain delays are a reality, whether manufactured goods are awaiting that last silicon chip to be completed or a container of finished products is floating in wait off the Pacific coast. While solutions to these

Is Your Business Ready for Cyber Monday?

As we enter this Thanksgiving holiday week, many are gazing at the upcoming Black Friday promotions with wide eyes. Every year, scores of deal-hungry families use this special day to kick off their holiday gift-giving purchasing.  However, the seasoned shopping veterans are keenly aware that there is an additional opportunity to save big.  Enter: Cyber

How to Empower Your Field Service Team

If you have a remote field service team, you are already familiar with the challenges of keeping them connected to HQ. While you may cobble together some individual solutions, I want to share a robust platform that may have everything you need in one place: Salesforce Field Service Lightning. Built for businesses with a fleet

What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to manage your e-commerce enterprise in a holistic, integrated manner. But, what does this mean? We are conducting online business at a critical time in the Internet\’s maturity. As business leaders, we have many options available to us to accomplish countless tasks. While the choice opportunity is ideal, it\’s often

It’s Time to Add E-Commerce To Your Business

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 global pandemic changed how we, as humans, go about our daily lives. Once typical routines like driving to work and shopping have been greatly affected by restrictions on where we can go as well as supply chain shortages. One shift for the better has been an increased acceptance of

How To Manage Discrete Manufacturing

If you run a discrete manufacturing business, you understand the challenges inherent in combining materials A and B to produce your marketable widget. While your products may be unique, your headaches are universal. It can be difficult to track every aspect of the process, but not doing so could be treacherous. Properly managing the many

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