Field Service

Integrating Salesforce CPQ into your Business

Salesforce CPQ helps companies generate order quotes quickly and accurately. CPQ follows specific rules when automating quotes to achieve error-free pricing. Integrating the software into an effective ERP will streamline quote generation and increase accuracy. GoldFinch ERP fully integrates with Salesforce CPQ. Implementing this configuration in your teams adds value to your organization. The ERP

Expanding Field Service Lightning

Modern companies invest heavily in digitalizing their internal processes by adopting tools to facilitate task tracking, control, and validation. One outstanding tool that significantly helps streamline your mobile services is the Field Service Lightning offering from Salesforce. Field Service Lightning (FSL) promotes productivity by helping your team handle all customer data and records on one

Controlling Mobile Inventory for your Utility

Field workers for utility companies understand their work requires them always to expect the unexpected. Each call they get has a wide range of possibilities and even more potential solutions. It makes it critical for utility companies to stock their fleet vehicles with the right tools and equipment for maximum flexibility and fast responsiveness. The

Forecasting and Demand Planning (MRP)

Demand planning is a necessary process for businesses that helps meet customer demand for products. The system ensures you have enough inventory to satisfy demand while avoiding supply chain disruptions and optimizing inventory. Ideal forecasting and demand planning will guarantee your business increased profitability and customer satisfaction. It would be best if you considered an

Running Non-Profit Fundraising Events

Effectively running a non-profit organization is not as easy as some may assume. There is a lot involved, from keeping track of volunteers and managing donations to overseeing all aspects of the charity. Integrating an ERP solution into your system will help streamline all fundraising processes and increase productivity. In most cases, non-profits have limited

Controlling Field Service Truck Inventory

Companies involved in field services can experience some challenges when managing inventory. It is difficult for these firms to keep track of all the stock in the different trucks. Fortunately, ERP solutions provide a practical approach to field service inventory management. Here is how you can use ERP to control field service truck inventory and

Is Your Business Ready for Cyber Monday?

As we enter this Thanksgiving holiday week, many are gazing at the upcoming Black Friday promotions with wide eyes. Every year, scores of deal-hungry families use this special day to kick off their holiday gift-giving purchasing.  However, the seasoned shopping veterans are keenly aware that there is an additional opportunity to save big.  Enter: Cyber

How to Empower Your Field Service Team

If you have a remote field service team, you are already familiar with the challenges of keeping them connected to HQ. While you may cobble together some individual solutions, I want to share a robust platform that may have everything you need in one place: Salesforce Field Service Lightning. Built for businesses with a fleet

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